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A day at the spa
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The ultimate activity during a vacation is a trip to the spa. And if you happen to be in Mexico for work like me, it is too sweet a deal to pass up. So I spent the afternoon at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa. Why was it only an afternoon? I was worried I would never want to leave and come home!
Having never been to a spa before I wasn't sure what to expect. Everybody wants a massage when their muscles are tight but with so much on my mind, would I be able to let all my worries and cares melt away? The answer: absolutely!
I arrived very early to the spa, but I was encouraged to do so because I could sit in the steam room and sauna and different pools waiting for guests to unwind. It was calming even before heading to my first spa treatment of the day. Honestly, I didn't even think I needed a massage after the relaxed mood from the wellness areas.
JB chats with spa director Paty Quintana
I went into my first treatment (the massage) not knowing what I was getting. I told the spa director to surprise me with anything. I had a great massage and I have to say, I think Paty was more excited for me than I was! After chatting I was curious about the large pool in the middle of the spa. So, never one to pass up a challenge, I agreed to check out the only Janzu pool in Puerto Vallarta.