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What's cookin'?
These things look like little perogies but they are much different. Stuffed with beef or chicken, the spice is right and the presentation is everything. Certainly something to enjoy at Taste Restaurant!
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We've got more from Casa Cupula coming up during week 2 of our shows in Mexico. Stay tuned for pics of the amazing Puerto Vallarta hotel and a poolside cocktail party.
Taste Restaurant at Casa Cupula has made headlines and won awards so when I was told I could get a cooking lesson with the eatery's chef, I jumped at the chance to make some Mexican food. Actually, chef Oscar told me empanadas are Argentinian, so we made that since it's one of the hot items on the menu. As you know, I am not daring when it comes to trying new foods but knowing there was chicken and garlic in these things, I felt pretty safe.
JB chats with Oscar at Taste Restaurant