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Casa Cupula
A month before the trip to Mexico we started planning and contacting hotels, resorts and tourist attractions. Many were helpful but I have to say the staff at Casa Cupula was amazing. Our Puerto Vallarta shows were nearly cancelled twice because the co-ordinating wasn't working. Thanks to Don Pickens and the staff at Casa Cupula we put together two great travel/tourism shows for Christmas 2011.
With amazing views of the ocean from its rooftop pools, award-winning restaurant and warm welcoming feeling, I can honestly say Casa Cupula is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at -- and I've stayed at a lot of hotels for these shows!
Sunday brunch and Friday night cocktail parties, every day of the week is a blast at the hotel. Casa Cupula, up on the mountain, is a great PV destination.
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Our time in Mexico came to an end much too soon. Don Pickens, owner of Casa Cupula, was the first to greet me upon arrival so it was fitting we had a seat on a comfy couch with a waterfall in the background to wrap up our time in Puerto Vallarta. The entire gang at the boutique hotel was so welcoming that I felt like family and it was sad to see them go... well, me go. It was sad to see me go!
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JB chats with Don